7 Keys to Peace in the Law

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“Duane helped me release my fear
of the IRS. I was able to negotiate with
an agent in a relaxed and friendly way.
The agent wrote off my tax debt!"
- Sierra Faith

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"I would have never in my life thought that
I would gain spiritual awareness while
dealing with a legal matter. Thank you so
much for re-presencing me to my heart."
- Cassandra Arnold

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"Duane brings compassion and wisdom to
his work. He offers creative solutions and
is so fun to work with! He really is a light."
- Mirra Rose

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"Duane helped me turn around a victim
complex. I was then able to stand up for
myself and cancel a $10,000 unfair contract."
—Zahn Lascot

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"Duane has a gentle way of being that is
just fabulous. The inner work he did
with me was effective and powerful."
- Debbie Brickell

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   Learn How to Peacefully & Powerfully Navigate the Legal System

*   Access and Be Guided by Higher Wisdom

*   Transform Conflict

*   Reduce Stress

*   Enjoy Life More

*   Deepen Inner Peace

  Save Time and Money

From more than 40 years of spiritual practice, I have found a beautiful inner peace, clarity, light, joy and wisdom that guide me in my personal life and also guide my advice and counsel to my clients. 

My 25+ years as an attorney, with experience in most areas of the law, has given me deep knowledge of how the legal system works, and also successful experience in applying holistic, compassionate and powerful methods.

We compassionately explore your legal situation, including the history, personalities and relationships, emotions that are arising, your goals, how to hire or manage an attorney if necessary, how to reduce costs, and how to communicate to all individuals in a compassionate, strong, and effective way.

Once you have these skills, you have them for life.

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Duane Light, JD

I serve as a guide for people who want to invoke their spiritual values in their legal challenges.  I help them create the best possible outcomes with strength, clarity and compassion.

Welcome to a unique, effective, compassionate, powerful, and win-win approach to the law.  I counsel and coach people who understand that our deepest peace comes from within, not from life circumstances.  Legal issues can raise some of our deepest fears, anger, sadness and pain.  Through meditative, compassionate inquiry and effective personal growth tools, I help you create a compassionate and powerful path forward.

To learn more about this approach, click on the About or Examples pages.

Wishing you the deepest peace,


Everything that occurs is not only usable and workable but is actually the path itself.   We can use everything that happens to us as the means for  waking up.

- Pema Chodron 




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