7 Keys to Peace in the Law

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About Duane's Services


Offering Guidance for Spiritual People Facing Legal Challenges


Peaceful and Powerful Solutions

Are you struggling with a difficult legal situation?  Take a deep breath.  There are solutions - I've helped hundreds of people find more ease, clarity and strength so they could positively and confidently move through their legal issues.

From Pain to Peace

I can resonate with my clients' pain, in part because of my childhood trauma from physical and emotional abuse from an alcoholic step-father, which left me with years of depression, self-doubt, anger and social isolation.  I have been blessed to have had many teachers and guides who helped me ground my life in what I call the Great Peace, or the Peace that Passes All Human Understanding.  Helping my clients live more from this Great Peace fulfills my higher life purpose.

My Professional Training and Experience

I am a licensed California attorney with 25+ years' experience in more than a dozen areas of the law. I have mediated, arbitrated and taken many cases to trial.  I am also a professional life coach and a Certified Integrative Restoration Teacher.  More importantly, I have over 40 years experience in my own growth and healing, and have practiced and taught more than 50 kinds of meditation and prayer. 

Coaching You to Your Highest and Best Way of Being

My spiritual practices have been based in Contemplative Christianity, Buddhism, Yoga, Zen, Chan, Sufi, Breathwork, and Native American Tradition.  We begin with your own practices, beliefs, and ways of deepening into your True Self, and I can then suggest and guide you in new practices, if needed, to help you clear stress, find Peace, and react to life with more power, peace and clarity. 

 Divine Guidance

From my daily time in this beautiful, silent, loving Great Peace, I usually receive Divine Guidance from the higher realms.  Sometimes, quite miraculous results occur for my clients from the actions we are guided to take - cases settle, relationships heal, disputes resolve, financial issues become easier.  You might enjoy reading some of my case examples, which describe some of these outcomes.  Of course these beautiful outcomes do not always happen - the important thing is for us to find our Peace, and with that, gracefully accept whatever happens. 


I invite you to explore working with me, with a 50% discount for a first session for new clients, and Premium Packages for people who are truly committed to their spiritual growth in the midst of a life challenge.  Click HERE to find out more.