7 Keys to Peace in the Law

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Consumer Rights Help All of Us

An economic system works well when people honestly serve each other.  The foundation of business is the kind of exchange where each person benefits--where each person obtains something they feel is more valuable than what they are giving.  Business is meant to be win-win.

When we are scammed, misled by false advertising or bait-and-switch, or sold “snake oil” that does not do what promised, nobody wins.  Even the merchant who apparently benefits financially does not really win--he or she may only slow his or her spiritual progress.  Our souls desire truth, compassion and service.

If we do not respond when taken advantage of in business, then we allow that energy, that pattern, to continue.  Typically, only 5 or 10 people out of a hundred will uphold their consumer rights.  We may choose to be one of the consumers who stands for what is right, and follow our highest principles. By doing this we can also be helpful to our fellow consumers and uplift that business person.

I believe that we are here on Earth to learn, and part of that involves teaching each other.  When faced with falseness, we can turn away, but we also have the option of casting light on the darkness.  This is how the darkness is healed, in ourselves and in others.  If you come across falseness in the business world, I encourage you to act, or at least explore information about your rights.