7 Keys to Peace in the Law

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Holistic Business Formation

Statistics show generally higher success rates for businesses that treat their customers, employees, and community well. This would seem to be common sense.  Traditionally, businesses were formed while only considering the interests of the owners and investors. More and more businesses are now looking at how they can create truly win-win structures that serve everyone - a holistic approach.

For a holistic business, a wider range of questions might be explored such as:

What kind of customers do you wish to attract - green, more conscious, health oriented, service oriented?

What kind of Mission and Vision statements could be written to attract the kind of staff and customers desired?

How can the business have a positive impact on the community and the Earth?

How can the business serve higher ideals and values?

With the intention to create a more conscious business, all aspects of legal formation will be done differently: the type of business organization used; contracts with partners, managers, associates and staff; waivers; leases and other real estate agreements; buy/sell agreements; intellectual property agreements; and investment agreements.

In order to create a conscious and successful business, it is important to begin by identifying the values, ethics and goals of the founders, as these will guide creation of every other aspect.