7 Keys to Peace in the Law

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I help you:

*  Move with more ease within the legal system

*  Create inner peace and power

*  Map out a path to overcome obstacles or limitations

*  Set up goals and support you in reaching them

*  Address specific stressful situations - threatening letter, being sued, discovery, depositions, hearings, trial



Gentle, Deep Meditative Inquiry with NVC and iRest

Throughout my 25+ years as a licensed attorney, I've used Non-Violent Communication (NVC) principles to compassionately address the emotions that arise in difficult legal situations. We address emotions as they arise, and gently explore them in a compassionate way.  When we discover what is needed emotionally, the emotions eventually calm, and clarity and insights for the path forward reveal themselves.

I am also have advanced training in Integrative Restoration (iRest), which is a process developed by clinical psychologist and spiritual teacher Richard Miller, PhD.  Research has shown that iRest effectively reduces:

   *  PTSD       *  Depression       *  Anxiety       *  Insomnia

iRest Yoga Nidra (the meditative iRest practice) is used in VA hospitials, military bases, clinics, hospice, homeless shelters, community programs and schools.  The Walter Reed Hospital has found iRest to be an effective modality with soldiers returning from war, because the soldiers can resolve past trauma without having to relate or re-live the experiences.

In a legal setting, I have found that iRest and NVC processes help my clients to discover the triggers to anxiety, sadness, anger and other emotions, and release them.  The work is profound on a practical and spiritual level, since it is based in supporting you to deeply connect with your Divine Essence, using your own words, concepts and practices.

Intuitive Guidance

I take my clients' life situations into my meditations, and often receive divine guidance on what might be their next best step forward.   More importantly, I help my clients to awaken their own wisdom and guidance, which comes from nurturing a more calm and compassionate mind and heart.

Meditation or Contemptlative Prayer

I have practiced and taught more than a 50 types of meditation.  My spiritual study and practice for more than 40 years has included mystical Christian, Buddhist, Yogic, Taoist, Zen, Vedanta, Native American, and Western techniques.  I work with my client's spiritual beliefs and background, and upon request and for my Premium Program Clients, I create custom meditation or prayer MP3's so my clients can practice on their own to reduce stress, find more peace, and then bring that peace to their life and legal issues.

Guidance on How to Interact with the Legal System 
(not legal advice)

I can guide my clients on how to effectively navigate through while keeping their spiritual values intact.  This can include:

    *   reference to free resources and information

    *   guidance on how to find the right attorney and control attorney fees

    *   guidance on how to manage the emotional tone of communications.

All of this helps my clients move through legal issues easier, faster, in alignment with their spiritual values, and usually at lower cost.

My most important service is spiritually-based counseling to help you powerfully and peacefully navigate through a conflict or legal issue.  I work with a variety of coaching techniques, iRest meditative inquiry, and personalized meditations or prayers to help you find your most effective and efficient way forward.

I Know Trauma

I want to let you know that I understand how hard it is to find peace and enjoy life while in the midst of life or legal trauma.  I was raised in a family with an alcholic, abusive step-father who emotionally abused me and beat me.  I was fortunate to finally be adopted by a kind family at the age of 8.  It took many years of meditation, movement therapy, and emotional work to arrive at my now mostly-happy life.  I've also been sued, and know what it's like to not sleep well, and wake in the morning stressing, worrying, and less able to enjoy my life or focus on work.  So the tools I offer have worked for me and for my clients.  With your sincere effort, I know they can work for you.

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