7 Keys to Peace in the Law

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These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

"I just paid off US Bank this morning.  It is such a relief.  I can't begin to describe.  Thank you, again, for all of your help.  I will always refer anyone to you who might benefit from your kind services as I felt very held and safe over the entire period of time it took for this process to unfold.  I certainly learned a lot about letting go and trusting everything does work out if one can manage to find that quiet inner space and rest there when dealing with life's challenges.  It has been a time of great expansion.

I wish you much continued success in all of your endeavors."

- Nina Olson


"Thank you for the sessions – they were so great.  I can definitely feel a difference, I’m paying less attention to my mind, a big piece.  Awesome, lovely, I loved it.  I read thru the notes again, dropped in, that felt really good, checking in to see if there was any residue.  There was very, very little.  Perfect.  Just by you holding the space and guiding, it was incredible." 

- Kiah Bosy


“Dear Duane, Thank you for taking the time to listen so fully yesterday. At times, it has been difficult for me to maintain a balanced, loving stance in this situation rather than attempting to make things “right." I feel a sense of peace to know that you are involved.”

- Kim Evans


"I left our session feeling so happy and relieved.  I am finally seeing myself inside the framework of a legal structure that I can live with, and understand, and feel myself in integrity with.  Such a blessing!"   

- Marian O.


“I am very grateful to Duane Light for his extraordinary approach to law. He walks his talk in bridging spirit and law. My experience with him has shown him to be authentic about getting to the core of an issue beyond just the legal aspect into the psycho-spiritual issues that never fail to accompany any legal entanglements. It takes a lot to forge a new path, and Duane has brought great relief to the globe by pioneering a surprising, brand new and much hungered for opportunity.”

- Mark A.


"The work that Duane did with me has changed the nature of my relationships with people in positions of authority that used to intimidate me, such as the IRS and insurance adjustors.  It didn’t just change a skill set, it changed a mindset for me and opened my heart to people that I had been afraid of. 

The principals upon which his work is based are so solid and grounded in essential truths that I feel there’s been no diluting of their potency over the years."

- Sierra Faith


“I am so grateful to have you. I can already feel a healing from the consciousness and light you are bringing to your work. I have never dealt with a legal issue before, and it has raised fear. I feel confident now that you are with me.”

- Jan T.


“I want to say how much I honor your beautiful service to the world!“

- Sarah Murray


“In the great flux of things that enter into my life, I forgot to let you know how much Steven and I appreciated the information and advice that you gave us. Thank you so much for your consideration. We feel supported by you and appreciate the beautiful consciousness that led to your contribution. Namaste”

- Laurel H.


"My attorney was so stressed that she was driving me craziy.  You are a healer, Duane.  This is the first time I've laughed in two years!  I feel alive again.

- B. K. 


I have on each and every occasion been SO impressed with your wise and non-violent approach to these knotty legal and family communication issues.

- S. C.